Nine Rounds Rapid. - 07/09/23 - Present.
Role title - Gameplay Systems Programmer.
As of current, I have the responsibility of creating the back end of the UI, iterating on it via blueprints and progressively translating it into C++
More information of what I have done, and things I have created for this game will be added in due time, in compliance with my NDA.

You can find the steam page here - Nine Rounds Rapid Steam
You can find the game site here - Nine Rounds Rapid Website
Imperium. A CRPG Prototype. - 01/05/23

During my final year at university, we were given complete freedom to create whatever we wanted. I opted to try and create a framework to build a CRPG within. This is Imperium.
In this project I created multiple systems, these are: Branching Dialogue, Dungeons and Dragons based Combat with a combat log, Character Creation, Loot, Inventory, Camera and Character systems.
You can find the link to download and playtest the prototype here -
You can also find the GitHub repository here -
This was built in Unreal Engine 5.

Toro - 10/02/23

In my final year at university, I was a senior technical designer in a moderately sized group. During the development period we worked in a mix of remote and in person. This module took place over six weeks. Being a senior technical designer I had to delegate tasks to the one junior my group had. All of the tech in this project is made by three people. Two seniors and one junior.

 I tasked myself with creating obstacles, managers and code revising/bug fixing, alongside tasking my junior with tasks. I attempted to make all of the technical work as easily accessible as I could to make everything easier for the designers to balance things as they saw fit, without needing to dive into blueprints to change hard-coded things.

You can find the game here: 
Minigame Mayhem - 27/05/22

During my second year at university, I was a junior technical designer in a moderately sized group, we all worked remotely during this. This module took place over the course of two, three week blocks. I was only a part of this group for five of the six weeks in total. During the process of this module, the technical design lead refused to show up, I took it upon myself to attempt to delegate tech tasks. The majority of the tech in this project was created by three people.

 I was tasked with creating obstacles for the obstacle course minigame, I also worked on the game loops, the game modes, the scoring system, the characters and spent many hours bug fixing other peoples blueprints to get the game into a shipped ready state.

You can find the game here:

OxyGone - 04/05/21
At the end of our first year of studies, we were put into groups for a three day, on campus Game Jam.
My group and I were given the theme 'Running out of power'. We brainstormed and came up with OxyGone, a horror/survival game where the player has to race against the clock to repair the oxygen generators.

I worked on the majority of the blueprints for this Game Jam and attempted to manage my group to their strengths whilst still allowing them to experiment with things they hadn't tried yet. My group came in second place.

You can find the game here:
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